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The Successful Stroke Survivor Volume 1 Video Series: 62 minutes anytime online viewing OR a DVD

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An Introduction to the series. followed by Dr Tom presenting the innovative ARNI ‘Gatekeeper’ techniques: trialled for efficacy and safety. These are your ‘go to’ methods for safely getting down and up from the floor. This DVD shows every stroke survivor, from those who can’t yet get out of a chair, to those who can get down and up from the floor fairly well, how to do things properly so that you have strategies that will help you progress and work just as well for you as time goes on. This is the essential DVD.

Standing From Seated On A Chair Unaided

Getting To The Floor From A Chair Unaided

Getting Up From The Floor To A Chair Unaided

Getting To The Floor From Standing Unaided

Getting Up From The Floor Unaided

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    I am new to the ARNI world as a therapist, and am very glad to be able to watch this video series. The first video is nicely structured and prepared and gives a first convincing and inspiring tool for basic locomotion. The theoretical and practical information then the demonstrations are very useful for both professionals and patients with brain injuries. Every exercise is easy to understand, and based on the helpful explanation is easy to repeat. I immediately tried them. From my previous experiences, I am fully convinced that if someone follows drTom Balchin’s recommendations in doing the ARNI training his/her physical strength and ability will gradually and steadily change to the better, which then will soon result in improving self-esteem, self-assessment and self-confidence, and a bettering vision on gained position in family and in society. Dr Tom is absolutely authentic. He made efforts to heal with the ARNI method he developed, and knows how to pass his knowledge, how to teach and inspire others involved in these health conditions to change their lives. I can hardly wait to watch the next videos.

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    I’m a stroke survivor for 7 years now left side I can walk but slowly so I need help to improve

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