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The Successful Stroke Survivor DVD Volume 3

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In this DVD Dr Tom takes you into the realms of serious gait control. Learn how to cope with balance challenges whilst static and moving and learn strategies to combat walking compensations. Tom shows you how to cope with the effects of drop-footso well that you can look like any non-stroke survivor as you walk down the street. He shows you how to turn smoothly without falling and shows you real-life emergency action control techniques to make yourself confident and safe now that you have removed the need for using a walking stick. Then you get to understand how to cope with steps and slopes… to walk again with surety and control.

Stepping Exercises

Knees-Up Exercises

Hip Push-Pulls

Retraining Gait Control

The Foot at 45 Degree Technique

Standing Ankle Pulls

Heel Striking Technique

Baggy Trousers Technique

In And Out Brushes

Turning: 90 Degrees Drill

Turning: the Practical Thirds Drill

Turning: 180 Degrees With Ease Drill

Emergency Reaction Sweeps

Widening Stance Laterally

Stepping To The Side

Tackling Inclines and Declines

Tackling Steps: Up Steps and Down Steps


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  1. (Verified Purchase)

    This video is focusing on walking. It is full of clear explanations and easy to follow demonstrations of simple and short exercises, techniques, helpful ideas and tips that all support the different phases of using and re-using our legs from hip to toes. If you want to help a stroke survivor or you are a stroke survivor who is ready to get back this vital skill, this part is a must.

  2. (Verified Purchase)

    I am an ARNI instructor in training and I am finding these videos essential in helping me become a knowledgeable, effective and inspired trainer. I purchased the complete set, along with Dr Balchin’s Stroke Survivor book and I refer to them on a daily basis and I know they will continue to be an indispensable tool in my development. Each technique is clearly explained and demonstrated by Tom and the great thing is that you can pause at any point to try it yourself, or listen back to something. If you are a trainer / carer / friend or family member, wanting to help a loved one who has had a stroke then these DVDs are a must.

  3. (Verified Purchase)

    Very good practical techniques that I have not found anywhere else. I thoroughly recommend these videos.

  4. (Verified Purchase)

    If as a stroke survivor, you dream about regaining the techniques necessary to effectively get around in public you need this video. It’s an excellent video and important for us stroke survivors to have as a guide.

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