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The Successful Stroke Survivor Full Video Series: 300 minutes anytime online viewing OR 7 DVD set

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You are about to completely change the way you view your rehabilitation. By following the advice in these 7 DVDs you will totally transform yourself. You will be able to disregard the use of a wheelchair, stick and rigid plastic orthotic, as appropriate. Amongst many other things, you will learn to get down and up from the floor, balance, walk and turn without problem, become strong and robust.. and tackle all sorts of activities of daily life that you hadn’t dreamed possible after stroke.

Importantly, Dr Tom will teach you how to recover a great deal more action control of your upper limb and achieve spasticity decline leading to grasp and release capability. Contained in these DVDs is a wealth of information relayed by Dr Tom, who has ‘been there’. A stroke survivor himself, he shows you exactly what to do to make an incredible recovery: you will not BELIEVE what can be done! You can do it: Dr Tom will show you how, and will also show you a full training session with a stroke survivor so you can see how everything works.

Click on the photo of each DVD to find out what is contained in each DVD in the main shop page and then if you would like all DVDs, come back and purchase here for a £40 discount rather than buying all DVDs separately.

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  1. (Verified Purchase)

    This is an excellent video to watch. Dr Tom Balchin is very right in his statement of Knowledge is power”. My brother had his stroke 3 years, I have been practising some of the exercises used in this video for example the kettle bell dead lift, walking and the sitting and standing exercises. Really positive movements to help him gain more flexibility and movement in his left side. Very inspiring video!

  2. (Verified Purchase)

    My husband had a stroke 2 years ago. He works hard every day to rehab, and Tom Balchin’s book and videos are so helpful. My husband, also named Tom, has not learned how to get up off the floor, however, or to get down. He never felt confident practicing that and in all the PT he did, no-one ever suggested it. Tom is very strong and except for his first week at home from hospital, he had not fallen until last week. Now he is willing to learn the technique, but we cannot go to PT due to Corona Virus, and I am not confident to do it without help. However, we are learning the technique, and I am practicing it, and at least if he falls again, we will have a strategy! I really thought he would be able to get up if he fell, but he couldn’t. Thank God for our neighbor! We are really also grateful to Tom Balchin for dedicating himself to helping stroke survivors. My husband, Tom, is 75 years old, a retired police officer and a determined man, but we needed Tom’s books to help with rehab at home. Thank you.

  3. (Verified Purchase)

    This 38 min long video is again a never-miss piece, full of exercises that all focus on helping to get back the function of the upper limbs which is more difficult than regaining back the strength and function of the lower extremities. Bilateral training 3-4 days per week and 10-20 (or more) times a day is the key to success. Dr Tom with his demonstrations and explanations again gives you all the tools, tricks and encouragement to reach this goal.

  4. (Verified Purchase)

    In this video dr Tom gives a list and lovely demonstrations of task specific and strength training exercises, like squats, kettlebell lifts and press-ups. Formerly, I had no idea that e.g. press-ups could be so diverse. Neither that these exercises can be so helpful in the rehabilitation of neurological injuries. Again a must to watch for ideas.

  5. (Verified Purchase)

    This video is focusing on walking. It is full of clear explanations and easy to follow demonstrations of simple and short exercises, techniques, helpful ideas and tips that all support the different phases of using and re-using our legs from hip to toes. If you want to help a stroke survivor or you are a stroke survivor who is ready to get back this vital skill, this part is a must.

  6. (Verified Purchase)

    Video 1 could take away fear and insecurity – huge obstacles of living at our best capacity even surviving a stroke or other brain injuries – of falling and laying on the flour at the mercy of others by teaching us techniques and strategies how to successfully manage these scary situations. In video 2, in 38 minutes, if I counted correctly, we got 11 new exercises, techniques and movement patterns to further improve our strength and skills for controlled and precisely executed muscle work necessary for self-management. It is better to call this target-oriented functional training, as these „exercises” have deeper aim then just moving the body, increasing muscle strength and joint flexibility. The goal is to cope smoothly and well with the smaller and greater challenges of everyday life.

  7. (Verified Purchase)

    I initially received these videos as a part of my ARNI study course. They are such good guidelines for already so complex upper limb rehabilitation. I watched this particular volume (along with the volume 5) several times and keep coming back to it in order to remember the techniques as well as for getting further inspiration. I always find something new in it. One thing is to understand the material and another one is to successfully apply these methods to a client who had a stroke. These functional stretching techniques differ so much from traditional physiotherapy and are much more logic within this holistic concept. Moreover, they work

  8. (Verified Purchase)

    All DVDs are very important to us because my husband has been stochastic for 2 years, every move is very precious every minute, thanks for the help, we work every day, we learn. We want good health and good luck Enikő and Ernő

  9. (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve just started training to be an ARNI Instructor and these videos really help to bring the course content to life. Full of practical tips, drills and ideas, “THE SUCCESSFUL STROKE SURVIVOR” videos are an excellent resource for instructors and stroke survivors alike.

  10. (Verified Purchase)

    I definitely recommend these dvds, beautifully presented and easy to follow and very inspirational. I use them now in addition to my private physio,to help in my recovery, only wish they were available earlier
    Lots of trainning strategies and exercises developed by Tom, a true expert and stroke survivor…
    Don’t hesitate buy the complete set.

  11. (Verified Purchase)

    As an ARNI Instructor in training I found this DVD really informative and useful. Seeing Brendan training with Tom and Gabby helps me understand how I can effectively work with stroke survivors in a safe yet challenging way. Seeing some of the functional limitations Brendan has, but how these can effectively be worked on by doing the techniques in the DVDs and stroke survivor book is inspiring. I actually met Brendan at a training day a couple of months ago and I can honestly say that his gait control and upper limb function had both improved and he did tell us that he is still practising most techniques on a regular basis.

  12. (Verified Purchase)

    This is a really useful demonstration on creating your own task related and challenge boards. Tom gives step-by-step instruction to how to make one (I particular like his comment on what DIY stands for :D) and then shows you how to use it to effectively train upper limb functionality. I am an ARNI instructir in training and being able to see this process and stop and stop the video as many times as I need is indispensable in helping my understanding and my journey to hopefully being a highly effective ARNI instructor.

  13. (Verified Purchase)

    I am an ARNI instructor in training and I am finding these videos essential in helping me become a knowledgeable, effective and inspired trainer. I purchased the complete set, along with Dr Balchin’s Stroke Survivor book and I refer to them on a daily basis and I know they will continue to be an indispensable tool in my development. Each technique is clearly explained and demonstrated by Tom and the great thing is that you can pause at any point to try it yourself, or listen back to something. If you are a trainer / carer / friend or family member, wanting to help a loved one who has had a stroke then these DVDs are a must.

  14. (Verified Purchase)

    These exercises have been paramount in improving the functional use of both my arm and hand. I would wholly recommend ‘DVD Volume 5’ to anyone who wishes to improve their condition, following a stroke.

  15. (Verified Purchase)

    It’s my pleasure to recommend the Stroke Solutions DVD. I purchased the book, The Successful Stroke Survivor, about five years ago but found that I needed to be shown how to do certain exercises. The book, although packed with good info, was too bulky for a man with hemiparesis.
    Since I have obtained the affordable and worthwhile DVD, I continually refer to it. I wish that you had been able to make it available sooner. Many thanks.

    Russ Kennedy PhD, MBA, MPH

  16. (Verified Purchase)

    Don’t muck about umming and aahing! Just get the lot! Tom will then help get you going. Tom is really easy to listen to; clear and thoughtful. Then, when he gets down to it, he shows you how it’s done. Tom is strong and agile but his fluent movement is as a result of hard work. If you get half as good as Tom, you’ve gone a long way. The DVDs are, in my view, essential viewing for stroke survivors, their family and friends and those training to become rehab trainers.

  17. (Verified Purchase)

    I had an AVM stroke 1st June 2010.We were in France . My wife found me on the floor having returned from an art experience there was no way of telling how long I had been there. Maybe 4/5 hours or longer ,A helicopter was called from Dijon I was flown to a hospital in a coma .Missed out on the view . They did an emergency craniotomy to repair the vein that had burst .I was put in an induced coma for about 2 and a half weeks. When I awoke I was hemiplegic left side and had anxiety .It affected my bladder .I knew when I needed to go but had to have an external urine collector.As I couldn’t get to a toilet . or in bed I had a pistolet a plastic collector . maybe the biggest problem and still is ,is the inversion in my ankle .I cannot even stand without some form of support as I tend to stand on the edge of my foot .If you have ever sprained your ankle you will know how painful that is.I now have a special pair of orthopaedic boots with a piece of steel to support my ankle it has rubbed my ankle red raw as I do so much walking albeit with a stick outdoors for safety ,indoors I can carry coffee through to my wife in the evenings. Enough about me.
    These DVDs are so Amazing I can’t tell you how good they are in words try them yourself. I may even do some of the exercises as my you tube stroke blog when I have enough time in the day . You may have seen me armchair gardening filling and emptying the dishwasher fetching the wood . Everyday life can be achieved after stroke and I owe it all to Dr. Tom Balchin and Arni Institutebuy the DVDs they are Awesome

  18. (Verified Purchase)

    The experience of stroke can be totally bewildering for the patient and their partners/loved ones. One moment getting on with your life fine and the next – BAM! – you’re flat on your back in a hospital bed with only half of your body working properly!

    Thankfully, a friend with MS put my wife in touch with Tom Balchin and we spent two days at Tom’s place where he talked me through his experience with his stroke and the methods and strategies he’d developed to deal with them. Although the conversations were fairly one-sided (at that stage I was still having difficulty speaking), it was so good to meet a ‘kindred spirit’ who’d actually experienced stroke first-hand rather than read about it in a medical text book.

    Finally, all his knowledge is distilled into a set of DVDs. They’re pure gold dust, refined over many years experience working with stroke survivors of all ages.

    I’m working through the exercises in the DVDs and they still form the basis of my twice-weekly physiotherapy.

  19. (Verified Purchase)

    Found the DVDs very inspirational, I have had a lot of help from the wonderful therapists in North Devon, but need now to move on and I believe Tom’s DVDs will help me. My initial prognosis left me wheelchair bound, but with determination and support I can now walk with support, my left hand is still of very little use but I have been given fresh motivation by the DVDs. I just wish there were some Arni qualified trainers near me.

  20. (Verified Purchase)

    These DVDs are beautifully and compassionately presented by Dr Tom Balchin and his team! Every move, exercise, strategy is clearly described and demonstrated, with many repetitions of the complexities of some of the coping strategies and functional training techniques and drills. I recommend these to every stroke survivor and their families, and carers. As an adjunct to ‘The Successful Stroke Survivor’ the DVDs give strong visual and aural cues to the descriptions in the book. This actually makes the learning of, and thus the effective implementation of the strategies, much more accessible.

  21. (Verified Purchase)

    I am a stroke survivor and agree with the statement that, “knowledge is power” and this video plus all those that accompany this in Tom’s collection deliver that specific knowledge that a stroke survivor needs. This video like all in the collection inspire and provide the variety and “make it fun & interesting”style in your exercises to help you keep your rehab progressing.

  22. (Verified Purchase)

    Great demonstrations and specific recommendations on objects you can create yourself at home to help you in your upper limb recovery.

  23. (Verified Purchase)

    Recovering upper body strength is very important for me. However my dilemma was how to begin on my own. This video gave me wonderful direction in that regard.

  24. (Verified Purchase)

    If as a stroke survivor, you dream about regaining the techniques necessary to effectively get around in public you need this video. It’s an excellent video and important for us stroke survivors to have as a guide.

  25. (Verified Purchase)

    Great “stuff”! Many great exercises for us stroke survivors all condensed in one video narrated and per formed by one of us, a stroke survivor. If you want to continue your journey of post stroke function & balance improvement get this video.

  26. (Verified Purchase)

    This video is excellent functionally and inspirationally. As a recent stroke survivor being able to get down to and up from the floor safely is huge! Yesterday, I fell suddenly outside in the yard. I am not sure how my fall occurred. One minute I was upright the next minute flat on the ground on my bad side. Stunned for a short time I remembered the technique I learned from this video and was up on my feet in seconds. Success!

  27. (Verified Purchase)

    Very informative from an instructors perspective, clear and concise instruction with great attention to detail on technique.

  28. (Verified Purchase)

    If you want to try and improve your function after your stroke this video is excelllent. Tom’s performing the activities and narration are great! There are no guarantees in stroke recovery but this video certainly gives hope and encouragement. Personally I am very pleased that my road to recovery is helped by this video.

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