Upper Limb Task-Training Board

£ 103.00

At last, available to you is the Upper Limb Task-Training board, as described in the Successful Stroke Survivor and the accompanying DVDs.

For ultra-effective upper limb training, get your task-specific training board shown here in conjunction with stretching before and after each grasp and release sequence. This is all about the effort to ‘increase dosage’ of repetitions, as Professor Nick Ward at the Institute of Neurology points out, in order to engage optimal plasticity.

All therapists know what a challenge it is to try and help patients gain further action control of the paretic upper limb. An innovative and simple idea created by Dr Tom Balchin which has helped thousands of survivors around the world since 2011, is now standardised here for you with his ideas of optimal content.

Red, Pink or Silver: choose your colour!

Comes with a full colour, fully illustrated 10-page A4 GUIDE for use.

The laptop tray, which can be opened and locked at any angle, is covered with strategically placed Velcro hook and comb strips and squares. 11 different tactile items, each with different manual challenge, have been sourced and purchased for stroke survivors to practice grasp, place and release. 

These are really great for people to try, if there is spasticity or flaccidity present – and this is the stepping stone that we have found for countless ARNI patients over the years that works to progress their hand from one phase to another. Best practice advice is always start off with the wooden pegs in slots. Physios have a test called the ‘9 hole peg test’. This is an idea scaled up from that, with slots to enable practice. Advice is (all present in the Guide), is to start off with these, working on ‘getting the gap’. Dr Tom shows you in the Guide how to try create the temporary ability via a particular stretching sequence how to maintain a gap between thumb, index and middle finger to enable a grasp upon command. The idea is to work up to being able to go up and down the line, lifting and replacing. When you can do this, it’s time to move on to more challenging items on the board. The longest, smoothest and widest items are the most challenging. The Velcro always keep the paretic hand from knocking over items as the survivor attempts to grasp items until more fluidity/accuracy is gained. All is explained in the Guide and DVDs. You are going to like this approach; it gives SERIOUS RESULTS in terms of action control.

This is an absolute must-have for all stroke survivors with upper limb limitations. 

Sourcing the varying of thickness and adhesiveness of very high-strength Velcro, the cost of the lockable laptop board itself, combined with the cost of the items adds up surprisingly. We have done all this and put the time in to create and offer you this at the very best possible price to cover outlay.

Get yours here to help yourself or your loved one with ARNI style upper-limb training… and get Dr Tom’s invaluable fully-illustrated 10 page accompanying Guide with it! 

IMPORTANT – Instructors and survivors will also be using this board together for forthcoming upper-limb telerehab sessions.

Please email us upon purchase at support@strokesolutions.co.uk to choose your preferred color. (pink, red or silver)